Emerge Nashville believes in great music. And the Stories Behind that music. Songwriters are incredible people and they sit in a room, every day, and write the songs that we all love to hear on the radio. That takes talent, effort and typically years of practice to perfect the job. And it is a job. Those songs that you hear have stories, sometimes many layers deep of where that idea of a song came from. So we decided to bring those stories to you. The stories of the writers, what they are up to, how they do what they do and the stories behind the songs they write. Whether they are hits or brand new songs - we will bring them to you through our video series titled "Chris Blair's Stories Behind the Songs" - WATCH HERE!

We also have the privilege of seeing some of music's best singer-songwriters perform at our partner business, The Listening Room Cafe.  After years of watching songwriters/artists play their songs, we knew that many of those needed to be heard.  We developed a business that is for the artists where they can maintain their creative control and we can build them into who they really are, rather than what a major label's marketing department thinks they need to be. It is our goal to create real, true music that listeners want to hear. As we continue to grow our model and build our roster, we hope you will stay tuned to see what the future holds for those who we truly believe that you need to hear. The real talent in Nashville.

Our Story

Chris Blair started singing at the age of six. Music is in his blood. When he moved to Nashville in 2001, he was pursuing an artist career himself. After touring and learning more about the business, his passion shifted from performer to songwriters and business-side of the industry. That's where he came up with the idea of starting his own venue, The Listening Room Cafe, with the goal of providing the best sound in Nashville for artists to be heard while also giving him a front row seat to see who was new to town and had what he thought to be the "next big thing." We are so excited about what Emerge Nashville is building.  


Pictured L-R: Briana Tyson, Chase Armstrong (Artist Development & Management), Chris Blair (Owner/President)